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Once Upon a Time

Dear Reader,

Does it matter what you do for a living, so long as you are happy? Does it matter if you own a house or rent one, as long as you’ve got a roof over your head? Does it matter if you still live in the same town you grew up in, if you want to be there?

Does it matter if you shop second hand, if you love what you see? Does it matter if your car is ten years old, if it gets you from A to B?

Does it matter if you’ve worked a hundred jobs, if it brings you closer to what you want? Does it matter if you get fired, if it was never meant to be? Does it matter if you’ve made a million mistakes, if you’ve learnt who you truly are? Does it matter if you lost your way, if you had an incredible journey finding it?

You are the author of your own life. Every page is a new story. Every story is a new chapter. Every chapter is a blank canvas.

Write your story your way. There can’t be an end without a middle and there can’t be a middle without a beginning. Because in the end it’s not what you don’t have that matters, it’s who you are when you get there.


Your Strength

Dear Reader,

If there are dark days when you can’t get out of bed, days when the very thought of getting up leaves you feeling an emptiness that fills your every being; find your strength. Your strength is in you right now. At this very moment when you feel nothing at all, it is there, waiting patiently for you.

Your strength will never leave you. It will never weaken and it will never let you down.

Your strength can only ever get stronger; you just have to let it.

Take a minute. Take an hour. Take a day. Take a week. Take a month. Take a year. Take any time you need because when you are ready, your strength will take you through the emptiness to a place you were always meant to be.

Take a Leap

Dear Reader,

Do you find yourself doing the same thing every day, feeling the same dread the minute you walk through the door, wondering what life might be like if you were doing something else?

Maybe it would be something completely different, maybe it would be something you’ve always wanted to do, but until now, never felt brave enough to actually get out there and make it happen? Or maybe you have no clue what you want or even where to start, but you just know you don’t want to be where you are…

It might mean leaving a high paid job. It might mean leaving a low paid job. It might mean leaving the high paid job for the low paid job that makes you happy…

We spend a lot of times at work. Make sure it’s somewhere you want to be.

Status is not real. Happiness is.

Take a leap; you might just love where you land.

Stop Rushing

Dear Reader,

We all spend too much time rushing, trying to reach our goals as quickly as possible. But all the while we are doing this; we are missing out on life as it is now; dismissing what we already have, what we’ve already achieved. We become blind to what is there beside us.

Take your time with life, savour every day and remember that each one is as precious as the one you are trying to reach.

You’re already in it.

Stop rushing.

I’m Possible…

Dear Reader,

It’s very easy to let doubt creep in and take over. It stops you from pursuing your dreams, it finds a way of telling you you’re not quite good enough and it keeps you where you are.

When you find yourself self-doubting; when you find yourself listening to the voice that tells you not to bother – tell that voice to shut up.

Never let it, or anyone, be the voice that stops you from trying. Never let it keep you where you are when you want to move on or try something new.

When you hear the word impossible; try hearing I’m possible instead.

The Good Things

Dear Reader,

Sometimes it’s easy to be so caught up in everyday life that you don’t see the good things already with you. Don’t miss out on the good things just because there are some bad things going on; because the good things make the bad things better.

Embrace It

Dear Reader,

There is no hiding that life can be hard and there will be times when everything around you feels like a constant struggle. Sometimes the only thing left to do is embrace it.

Embrace the feeling, but don’t let it take hold of you; allow yourself to feel it and then let it go.

t and then let it go.